Connected Car Services 

Assist Australia has the ability to partner with OEMs for Connected Car Services through a digital assistance solution within its call centre operation. Digital Assistance is the link between OEMs embedded device (Telematics Control Unit), the local telecommunications provider and the data that is shared between our call centre and OEM's customers.

Current Technologies

Breakdown Call (B-Call)

B- Call (or breakdown call) is the ability to connect the customer to roadside assistance solutions without the need for conventional handheld telephony. The customer simply presses the B Call button to connect directly to a roadside assistance consultant who can pinpoint the exact location of the disabled car via the Telematics Control Unit. (TCU)

Upcoming Technologies

Assist understands that the future of roadside assistance and associated services will be delivered with extensive digital capability and is currently making significant investment into digital solutions. This investments includes:

Emergency Call (E-Call)

E-Call is the ability to accept and connect emergency services to customers in life threatening situations that can come from mobile telephony or via Automatic Crash Notification (ACN)

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)

SVT is the ability to locate, track and inform the Police of the present location of a stolen vehicle. It is critical we have the ability to geo-locate the subject vehicle with accuracy consistent with the cellular technology.

Future Technologies

Assist have a long term digital development landscape where we aim to provide customers, OEMs and dealer network significant convenience and peace of mind.

Monitoring Call (M-Call)

M-Call will capture a vehicles diagnostic trouble codes and report to customers to avoid future significant failure. This will enable the customer to work with their dealer and allow for timely ordering of replacement components where required.